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Articles related to The Gold District

Drapper James

A story showcasing Magnolia Emporium 
in The Gold District as a favorite shopping destination for Reese Witherspoon

and featured in Draper James 

Story by: Jakiyah Brown

aka The Traveling Fro

Hello Im Jenna

A story on Hello Im Jenna 

that goes into the history of 

The Gold District 

The Riva Finoli Passage
with a feature of Magnolia Emporium
Story by: Jenna Gribble


An article on 

Charlotte Business featuring 

Magnolia Emporium and showcasing 

The Gold District

Charlotte Agenda

An article in Charlotte Agenda and

the transformation of the former WePak building.
written by: Jason Thomas 

Charlotte Magazine

A story about the early history of 

The Gold District and featured in 

Charlotte magazine
Story by: Chuck McShane

Charlotte Agenda

A story on Charlotte Agenda about 
Bardo Restaurant, one of our new neighbors in The Gold District
Story by: Katie Levans Loveluck

BizNow Charlotte

An article on Bisnow showcasing

the development in 

The Gold District and interviews with
Commercial Broker, Caren Wingate
Liz Millsaps Haigler 

of Charlotte Dwellings
Magnolia Emporium
Story by: Melissa Oyler BisNow Charlotte

Charlote Observer

An article in 

The Charlotte Observer 

showcasing the development in 

The Gold District
Story by: Ely Portillo

Charlotte Agenda

A story in Charlotte Agenda showcasing 
Magnolia Emporium, one of our neighbors in The Gold District and also members of our Board of Directors.
Written by: Amy Rupertus Peacock

Charlotte Agenda

A story on CharlotteAgenda 

featuring YUME Bistro in The Gold District
Written by: Ted Williams 

Charlotte Agenda

A story on Charlotte Agenda 

about Max & Lola Bodega 

a bodega in The Gold District
Story by: Andrew Dunn

Charlotte Agenda

A story on Charlotte Agenda about
Palmer St. Game Bar & Tap Room, one of our new neighbors in The Gold District
Written by: Katie Levans Loveluck

Heading 5

More to come!

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